Themes Covered in The Omega Male Manifesto

In The Omega Male Manifesto, I’m going to talk about the various realities of human social relationships. From the perspective of an Omega Male. But a lot of what I say is highly relevant and applicable to beta males, even alpha males and women as well. My tone may be considered to be nihilistic or existentialist by many. I consider myself an anti-natalist as well but I don’t feel that anti-natalism necessarily drives all of the themes being explored in this manifesto. But I would definitely say that my manifesto is some sort of concoction of existentialism, nihilism and anti-natalism. Basically I’m a misanthrope and human nature disgusts me to the core.

The themes that I will explore include: friendship, romantic and sexual relationships, gender relations, human reproduction, parenting, social structures and economic relationships. And each of these central themes include sub-themes and some of these themes over-lap with one another. As I have a background in psychology and sociology, this manifesto will draw upon these two disciplines a lot. And even though philosophy was never a main formal discipline of mine, I am heavily influenced by and interested in philosophy and would consider this to be a philosophical work as well. In University I took a couple philosophy courses in freshman year and didn’t pursue philosophy in my formal studies beyond that. But as you will find out later, I feel that formal education is highly overrated. A lot of the things that I learned about psychology and sociology in University, I could have learned on my own via independent study. You don’t need to be enrolled in a “higher education” course in order to learn.



I started this manifesto because I have a lot of things on my mind about life, human nature, social relationships, economic relationships, etc. that I wanted to share with the world. I have experienced nearly 30 years of life. I’ve worked a number of jobs for several years before I decided to quit my stressful white-collar professional career and take an indefinite sabbatical from wage slave life. I’ve studied for many years. Graduating with an Honors Bachelor degree with a double major in Psychology and Sociology and a Post-Graduate degree in Human Resources. I’ve had many friendships, social relationships with family, romantic relationships with women. And I’ve come to the realization about 27 1/2 years into my life that life is meaningless.

At best, life is like a black void with little sprinkles of dopamine hits in between. At worst, it is very stressful and very cruel. I didn’t know that the thoughts that I have been saving since Spring 2013 was characteristics of anti-natalist ideology. I never even heard of the word anti-natalism until maybe late 2014 or even early 2015. But I knew that I was a nihilist, an existentialist. I never actually really paid much attention to existentialist thinkers except within the past couple years. I studied Nietzche a bit in University but I never delved much into that school of thought. But I felt these things before I even knew there were thinkers talking about this stuff years ago, even over a century ago. When I first started seeing passages from anti-natalists, my first thought was “wow, these philosophers really speak to me. But it would be nice if we had a new voice. For the Tinder Generation. For the Instagram Generation. For the Twitter Generation. For the FaceBook generation…” And there are anti-natalists out there right now who are doing their own thing like youtuber inmendham. And I appreciate his vlogs.

But I have a different perspective that I want to share. That of a man who has been an omega male for all of his life practically. A high-functioning autist who has been made a social outcast and been bullied by other people all of his life. And it seems like the more that we move towards greater prevalence of social media and inter-connectivity, the more alienating that our society has become towards the omegas of society. The outcasts. The losers. It is a dog-eat-dog concrete jungle out there where mastery of the social game is rewarded. And if you have neurological deficits that prevent you from playing the social game like autism or you have other debilitating deficits, you get eaten alive in this world. And the sad part is that even everyday normal people in this world live a just-over-broke (J.O.B) existence. They suffer tremendously in this life and don’t receive much reward for their efforts.

Life is a fucking sick joke. The vast majority of people on earth have a shit life of suffering and devoid of joy. Only a tiny minority of people have a good life. The trust fund kids who never have to work a day in their life. The young self-employed entrepreneur who made his money while young and is financially set for life now. The call girl prostitute who gives bareback blowjobs and gets fucked by punters with a condom for money and earned enough at an early age to retire comfortably. Those are the people who have it good in life.

Even the government employees who have their eyes set for Freedom 55. They don’t even get a good life. By the time you are 55, you are way past your prime years anyway. You probably have health problems and what not. You’re cognitive functioning isn’t what it used to be. Your body isn’t what it used to be. You gave all of your prime years to your employer to make executives and shareholders wealthy. You gave your brain and your body and your soul and sanity to the rich people to make them even more rich.

So as you can see, even everyday average people and people with above-average lives are suffering on this earth. It’s not just the Omega Males like me. But the whole Omega Male Manifesto shtick has a nice ring to it. And if you want to understand human suffering and evil, what better way than to look at humanity from the bottom of the social hierarchy? Not saying that a privileged white male with 1st world problems like myself is necessarily at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Thank fucking God I’m not starving in Sub-Saharan Africa and born to a HIV positive mother.

But among first-worlders, I’m pretty far down in the social hierarchy. I’m a nearly 30 year old unemployed man who lives in his dad’s basement and suffers from high-functioning autism. My social status is pretty fucking low. Society openly mocks guys like me. They see us as losers. I’m going to tell you about humanity from the perspective of a loser. And I’m going to tell you why there are so many men out there in the first-world who are basement dwelling losers and why we just stopped giving a fuck about trying to compete in this shitty fucking cut-throat rat race. Why there’s no incentive for young men anymore to “man up” and give a flying fuck about “contributing to society”. As a man who has contributed plenty of years of labour to this society, enough is enough, I’m fed up. And I’m going to tell you why.